stalasso: Greek, meaning “to drip” and “that which drips” (stalactite)

Stalasso Table explores fluidity, continuity and deformation of surface through multiple digital processes. The conceptual 'drips' within the larger surface become the interface between multiple materials - the wood table top (CNC milled) and the ceramic 'tray' (3D printed and glazed). A single 'definition' accommodates the generation of surface, deformation, material thickness, variability and tolerances and even cost of 3D printing. The same 'definition' could be used to generate any number of configurations and variations, with very little preparation for fabrication.

A sectional-edge/overlap reveals the material interface and emphasizes the the qualities and capabilities of the 3D printed ceramic. Light tool-marks from the CNC milling process are purposely left as subtle evidence of the fabrication process.

*thanks to Stephen Van Dyck and Scott Crawford of for use of their CNC mill and tool path optimization expertise