(re)STOCK is an ongoing speculative design and fabrication investigation looking to exploit the potential in coupling the efficiencies of off-the-shelf standard stock sections with the adaptability of parametric design and digital fabrication. Specifically this project takes advantage of emerging rapid prototyping technology which can effectively print stainless steel– the prints therefore carry a measurable and substantial structural capacity, elevating them from model to usable prototype, machine-able, weld-able parts. In this sense, the project explores the notion of ‘file to factory’.

By the very nature of combining stock material with highly customized components, this system inherently exists at the intersection of digital and analog, offering new possibilities for a composite craft. The potentials for this system are many as it is reconfigure-able, scale-able, and highly customize-able – i.e. it could be the structure for a piece of furniture just as it could be a framework for a custom curtain wall.