Asterism: Recognizable figure within a larger constellation - i.e. Big Dipper is comprised of the seven brightest stars in Ursa Major.

Building on the ideas of (re)STOCK (highly customized 3D connections paired with already highly efficient stock sections), the Asterism projects serve as working prototypes for adapting any number of geometries into architectural, structural or furniture systems through the use of parametric strategies.

Initially, design research looked at versions of node connection types - i.e. accommodating round tube, round solid, square tube, wood dowels, etc. Layers of function specific to node type were also explored - features such as tenons, plugs, holes and slots for glue or welding, and pre-tapped standoffs (for attaching surfaces) all added to the potential adaptability of these systems. Subsequent design efforts were directed at the ordering and sorting of members, nodes, and the optimization* of nodes for material and fabrication efficiencies.

As the name implies, larger, more expansive systems potentially exist, however these projects are thought of as smaller recognizable subsets and as such, the bounds or figures were defined as legible ‘products’ for prototyping. The freestanding spatial ‘screen’ leverages a traditional cross-shaped stub tenon for quick and precise assembly. High resolution 3D printed joints (optimised for minimal length) interface with slotted dowels - done with traditional table sawing and custom jigs.

The stool incorporates 3D printed stainless nodes coupled with stainless tube struts - plug welded to the nodes. Tapped holes on the upper nodes provide the means for fastening the seat with cap screws. These nodes provide substantial structural capacity and therefore move beyond use of 3D printing for mere formal exploration to fully functional components.

*optimization/sorting was done in collaboration with Peteinarelis Alexandros